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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why so lonesome?

I have friends who tease me that I have more friends than anyone they know. They have delved into hyperbole, but I have a good network of people in my life. Yet I feel lonely. I found this today. I guess I'm not the only one alone.


  • At 6/26/2006 06:23:00 AM, Anonymous tokenbrackfriend said…

    you have no idea... know a million people, lived some amazing experiences, have a great girl (ups and downs but you know...), the best dog, and yet VERY OFTEN feel the same way... dont kid yourself (didnt even read your attachmnt, but im guessing its that news report floating around that 'everyone' has less friends and are isolating themselves, etc.)- Think people (as I get older) are getting stranger and stranger- sometimes it IS enough to make you 'turn inward'- anyway, dont kid yourself... not the only one, NOT EVEN CLOSE- JRL


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