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Thursday, July 13, 2006

A week in the life…

I have wanted to write several times during this last week, however every time, I don’t. Krazy came into town last weekend and I hung out with her and JP for almost the entire weekend, until Sunday when I needed to head home and start doing some homework. I had copious amounts of reading to accomplish for my Business Ethics class, so much so that I have been neglectful in my other classes.

Getting home Sunday I made the dire mistake of turning on the television. “Sell This House” was having a marathon. Although I had never seen the program previously, nor do I own any property, I was glued. I once again lost about five hours of not only my life, but of valuable study time that I will never get back. However I did learn that “less is more” when staging your home for an open house... I also learned that one uses phrases such as “staging” to speak of their home when attempting to sell it.

On Monday I thought since I don’t have time anymore to write, I should try audio-blogging. Deciding that driving in my car on the way to school would be the perfect time, I called to do my first entry. I recorded my entry for a solid 7 seconds, deleted it and came to the decision maybe I shouldn’t.

Several inherent things are wrong with this idea. Aofall, I know I am not the only one to get fairly agitated when driving, especially in Oregon.* I would hate for you all to think that this entire time of blogging I was hiding a horrible case of Tourette’s Syndrome as you heard me randomly yell “stupid cunt”.

This brings us to problem two. I curse, at times a lot. I know many of you read my blog while at work, so if you actually had the time and the speakers to listen to me, your boss doesn’t need to hear “cunt” pouring through your office.

Another is the fact that I cannot edit nor downsize an audio-blog. I often go off on great random tangents. Doing so in my blog I am able to go back and delete clumps of paragraphs that really serve no purpose in my post. If I record these tangents, I will just waste too much of your time, as well as come across as a rambling idiot.

Lastly, I can write things I could never imagine myself recording. Any of the sexinoc stories that I have written would be… just wrong if I was reading them… though I believe I could possibly make some money doing that…**

All of these reasons and more, I have procrastinated even speaking a post to you.

Anyway back to school (speaking of tangents) I decided I am changing my major. I have to meet with an advisor, but I think that I will not only be much happier heading in this different direction, but I also might be able to get through school sooner than originally anticipated… but we’ll see.

I have reading and sleep calling my name. Happy Day.

* I was actually thinking of devoting an entire post as to the abundance of things wrong with Oregon drivers, but again that would require ‘posting’.
** I hadn’t thought about that until just now. As I am broke this actually doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea. Paypal link anyone?


  • At 7/13/2006 08:27:00 AM, Blogger Sizzle said…

    you could TOTALLY make bucks with that side gig. hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. ;)

    what's the new major?

    at least in oregon people pump your gas for you. what IS that about anyhow?

  • At 7/13/2006 02:59:00 PM, Blogger Nihilistic said…

    How can anyone ignore when reading and sleeping call you name????


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