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"Erections, Ejaculation, Exhibitions, and General Tales of Ordinary Madness" -Charles Bukowski

Thursday, August 24, 2006

All hail the wild-child.

The Boy and I were talking last week about how we change when we get drunk. We talked about the fact that he can get really aggressive or just pass out, whereas I turn into a wild child, and will be found dancing upon the bar… running down the road in my skivvies, or making out with any willing guy or girl… which isn’t difficult to find. I managed to prove all of these a few days ago.

The Boy and I headed to the Oregon Coast or a little day trip on Tuesday. After spending a few hours there we decided that we actually wanted to stay the night. After nearly every person we asked laughed at us when inquiring where one might be able to find a last-minute room available, we found an ocean front room (screw you naysayers!), complete with fireplace and almost any needed amenity… though we didn’t use one.

We headed to town and drank, had fun, drank, played some games at the arcade, drank… (you may see where I am going with this). Time melts over some blurry hours… but I remember skinny dipping in the ocean with this girl we met, as The Boy and her boyfriend watched from the shore. Then I kissed the girl. She is the first black girl I have ever kissed.

We then all headed back to their hotel (which was closer) where we spent a couple of hours swimming in the pool and hot tub. Mind you I didn’t bring a bikini… so I allowed my lace boy shorts and bra do the job. I fooled no one, but no one complained.

The Boy and I returned back to our hotel where I am sure we disturbed our neighbors… but gotta love a trip to the beach.


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